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This girl is so cute. props to apple
BeepBoy [lala] 08/13/02 01:56am
Hilarious! PC users SO FREAKING INSECURE that they come to a MAC WEBSITE to tout their stupid COMPUTERS and trash Apple. At a website that some guy put up because he thought a chick was cute. Hahahahah! How small does your penis have to be to quote SPEC BENCHMARKS on a CHICK FANSITE! So sad! So Funny! Hhah hahh hahahhah!
PC USERS, you crack me UP, godammit! Get outta here you knuckheads! Gowan...heheh!
Mark [] 08/13/02 01:00am
haha, my gf and i so cracked up at this shit!

at first, i thought the commercial was a spoof, man... i can't believe it's real
08/12/02 10:53pm
truly my dream date!!1!

capsize my love catamaran!!!!


chris [] 08/12/02 08:36pm
Ellen is my mac heroine ;-)

You go girlie girl.
Wolfy [] 08/12/02 07:02pm
I could fall in love with her. She has something very special. Just to kiss those lips....

Love you Ellen
Johan [] 08/12/02 06:51pm
This whole thig is so fucked what a wast of time. You are all mindless sheep.
Noway [NONO] 08/12/02 06:27pm
I love you Ellen. I'd like to make you happy :D

*sigh* Only in dreams.
Joshua [] 08/12/02 06:08pm
She was stoned stupid in the ad and Mac's cost several times more than a PC. F-- her and this site
bob [] 08/12/02 05:54pm
Would Ellen make love to a guy she just met?
Björn Lundqvist [] 08/12/02 05:29pm
ze is wel nog kippig é,de meeste ier kunnen toch nie lezen wa dak zet,want tis ier al int engels!mohaahaha!das nu een ké een keun dak zou wil ontmoeten,juste beuj da ze zo ver weunt van belgie é!mo meiske,ge geeft azo wel het slechte voorbeeld é,drugs rulen nie,drugs zijn dom,der zit juste een twien in de bak dak ken omda die da gedaan et,dus kzou er wel een ké goe over peizen wi,moja,your a fine looking girl
sparkie [******] 08/12/02 05:03pm
I wouldn't sweat it. If this was a real terrorist info spot the US wouldn't have much to worry about. Have you read the posts?

D. Phillips--GLONO Staff
Is this a joke or is he being serious?
To all concerned, this is a known Al Queda hotspot. You will be monitored. [] • 08/12/02 01:45pm
David [] 08/12/02 04:53pm
She is soooooo STONED!!!
Name? [E-mail?] 08/12/02 04:52pm
Look mom, I'm on the internet!
kiss kiss,
me ;-)
08/12/02 04:28pm
Holy shit. My friend sent me a link to his site and I was like.....Is that ellen? Haven't seen that girl in years. I attended preschool and elementary school with the Feiss. I have pictures of her from that era.......but I'm not gonna let you people have them, mwahahaha (aka I'm too lazy to get my ass to the scanner). Feiss rocks, word out!
08/12/02 04:14pm
Liek [] 08/12/02 03:57pm
Yeah, I couldn't put it any simple than Jake. She's so damn cute too! Her smile floors me.

On the note of stoned not stoned. I really don't think she's stoned. I mean, they wouldn't make a commercial of her being stoned, that's just bad publicity. Maybe she's got this crazy artistic side, beyond our 'regular' artistic comprehension.
[ertw].prodigy [beep beep beep beep!] 08/12/02 03:49pm
Dudes just look at the photo, she looks so BAKED! LOL It's just too funny. I think Macs are a great fit for stoners
Stoner number 420 08/12/02 03:19pm
Come to my pad Lit'l Ellen... We be sit'n 'round an get Hiiiiiggghh... then we do the Funk'a Monk'a....
El_Loco_Negro [] 08/12/02 03:17pm
"drugs are the worst stuff ever made"

Yeah! Just say no to beer!
TM 08/12/02 03:15pm
A csaj helyes, az amerikaiak viszont a legbetegebb nemzet a földön.
Geocius [] 08/12/02 03:13pm
i just saw the commercial :D hehe you're hilarious:)
Levi [] 08/12/02 03:13pm
ellen has weird parents... windows rules 4ever
brain [] 08/12/02 01:50pm
To all concerned, this is a known Al Queda hotspot. You will be monitored. [] 08/12/02 01:45pm
sdc rule man
drugs are the worst stuff ever made .. and you all ( inclusive our teenage girl ellen) promote it -------] very good job you guys
raka 08/12/02 01:37pm
Az emberi hulyeseg hatartalan !
NECro 08/12/02 01:36pm
sick people sick mac/apple sick girl stupid drugs
sdc 08/12/02 01:30pm
She is super sexy!!!! I need a Ellen T-shirt now!!!
8 [] 08/12/02 01:08pm
my god. ellen feiss can bite meh. she's ugly as shit. and she works for the enemy ::cringe::. btw. drugs suck. and so do all you stupid stoners. ((heheh. she did say bleepbleepbleepbleepbleep kind funnily though XD ))
anti-mac wuf 08/12/02 12:39pm
she is hot. yum
Me [] 08/12/02 12:07pm
Reves vindóz, nem bírja a kritikát.
Éder Mihály [myprint] 08/12/02 11:38am
Kemo toltsd le a gepedre :))
Tisztara haonlit Ellen egy barat bartnomre akivel egyutt laktam :)
Mp3Pintyo [] 08/12/02 11:34am
Reves vindóz, nem bírja a kritikát.
Éder Mihály [myprint] 08/12/02 11:30am
Bazzze 0,5mbiten szaggat a film :))
kemo [] 08/12/02 11:11am
Bazzze 0,5mbiten szaggat a film :))
kemo [] 08/12/02 11:10am
Lefagyott a vindóz a film közben!
Éder Mihály [myprint] 08/12/02 10:49am
So, that wall clock must show you that any time is "Ellen Time!"

I bought the t-shirt and it is pretty cool.

Does anybody know if she's available to book for parties?
Scotty [] 08/12/02 10:36am
Some new stuff:
My God. You Ellen lovers are just freaky. Haven't you seen a girl before? Sheesh
M. Yu 08/12/02 09:20am
i love you, ellen!
daddy 08/12/02 09:08am
Ellen rocks. Apple rocks.

Dude... you're gettin
a Dull.
djchubakka 08/12/02 08:56am
Baked or not baked? Who Cares? think all stuff is for all people ;P
BTW who don't smoke ;P
trigga [] 08/12/02 08:41am
I am attracted to Ellen Feiss. I am around her age, so it's OK.

It's a cute ad.
Neue Ziel 08/12/02 07:46am
I use linux. That's the perfect choice for the stoned.
Tracey, you deserve a president like this!
For Tracey 08/12/02 07:34am

12/31/69 07:00pm
It is sad that some ppl loves her because she's stone or not. And sad as well is that lots of people like apple just because of this spot.
Pure girl, everybody loves her because of this spot! She will never know if she is loved for herself!
Musashi 08/12/02 07:30am
Ellen Feiss for President!! Woohoo!
Tracey 08/12/02 07:24am
strange ppl... why acting like being stoned is the way to get to succes... my brother died last year by drugs... he wasn't famous... the opposite, he was damned unknown... pathetic is it...
hottie 08/12/02 07:11am
So what if she's stoned I'm stoned everyday (almost)
Oink 08/12/02 05:01am
I dont think she was stone. Maybe she was just real tired from being up all night doing that damn paper ALL over again.

Either way, yea, shes a real cutie.
No way in hell I'll ever get a Mac. Maybe an iPod though, those are cool.
Michael [] 08/12/02 04:44am
Hey, can't we make a list of names of her fans? I wanna add my name to the list!
Zak 08/12/02 04:24am
that's it... I'm dumping the PC!
mrFREEZE [] 08/12/02 03:48am
Poor girl if she reads this.... she is a cutie tho.... I dunno if she's stoned or not.... if she is so what
ChristopherMichael 08/12/02 02:59am
She is SO FUNNY!

And I think she's a university student, even though she appears to be younger.
08/12/02 01:22am
She is one ugly, stoned bitch. BTW, Windows XP rox!
P0tter [] 08/12/02 01:09am
She's a pole smoker.
zero foo [] 08/11/02 11:48pm
Never has the expression "bleepbleepbeepbeeep!" been so cute.
Dave [] 08/11/02 10:59pm
There is no doubt in my mind she was stoned. I like how she starts to laugh when she is saying "it devoured my paper".
Shad [] 08/11/02 10:51pm
What happened to the pics/info Chris? How old is she anyways? I guess 14.
GMO [] 08/11/02 10:31pm
OK, let me get this straight. 14yo, stoned, Mac ad = famous?? Only in the States I spose. Anyone else think we are going to hell in a handbasket??
MERPs 08/11/02 09:50pm
You know somthing. I watch a lot of TV with my pepsi and dog. Bob Dole likes TV! But when Bob saw this TV show with a girl who is drugged he said no! Say no to drugs, except viagra!
Bob Dole [] 08/11/02 08:57pm
maybe its just the brutal honesty in her voice and mannerisims...
But she is incerdibly attractive, just like that stonner g/f i used to have
dj dairyboy 420 like 4 eva! [] 08/11/02 06:55pm
Apple is based in California. Californians voted for the acceptable prescribing of medical marijuana. If Ms. Feiss is from the Golden State, maybe she was using acceptable "medical" grade stuff.
Dr. MD 08/11/02 06:18pm
This has to be one of the funnies things that I have seen this summer. It would be great to see a folowup comercial or osmething. Hehe... stoners providing quality entertainment since whenever people started smoking it.
Let's see, blood-shot droopy eyes, slurred speech, can't stand straight at times, semi serious with a touch of laughter, yup she's one happy stoner. When she says "And I was like......uhnh," I always crack up on that line. "Like my paper was gone and...oh I got the munchies. Let's go to Taco Bell."

420 Girls Rule!
Ellen's Dad 08/11/02 02:52pm
way to give apple exactly what they need to sell computers everyone... buzz, chat and controversy. looks like the apple ad team has done it again!

remember, there's no such thing as bad publicity. so pc users, the more you bash macs, the more people are going to wonder why you're so interested.

i digress... cya all, i'm off to breakfast.
This girl goes to school with me! I never went out with her, but I have some pics of her with me and some friends. Do you guys want them?

chris [] 08/11/02 11:37am
i need to get fucked up with a girl like that sometime. she is hot
Brian Lug [] 08/11/02 11:32am
How incredibly stupid. This is the most rediculous web page i have come across in a long time. please!
laughing [-] 08/11/02 09:03am
I've made Scheiße (that is me taking craps on them) with women better looking than her and less stoned. Apple is so lame. Why dont they publis a SPEC/CPU2000 benchmark? They are slower by over a factor of two behind AMD, Power3, Power4, Intel-x86, Intel IA64, SPARC, HPPA. SPEC-CPU-2000 (INT/FP)AthlonXP1800MHz 738/624 -- Pentium4 2533 MHz : 893 / 878 -- Power4 1300 MHz : 804 / 1202 -- Itanium2 1000 MHz : 807 / 1356 -- G4 1000MHz 306 / 187 (read and weep ) Apple, get a real CPU, and port OS X to x86 (take a few hints from FreeBSD, PULEEEZE, Unix is a modern OS), and stop crapping on the company that makes your default browser and only useable office suite.
The real craze is here,, where you will find everything from ellen feiss to steve jobs himself; take it upon yourself to rearrange your brain so that it will be able to handle such atrocities
drew [] 08/11/02 01:53am
Ellen is fantastic girll!!!
Bardzo mi sie podoba i wogole jest super bip bip bip and crash PC! TRUE!
masmix [] 08/10/02 04:29pm
I love Ellen Feiss!
Paul 08/10/02 02:58pm
08/10/02 12:27pm
"Television-free since 1998"

When I do visit a house where we're sitting around watching TV, I used to really like watching the ads. Minute-for-minute, I'd say more thought goes into the ads than into the shows themselves. But I tried watching Independence Day on the FX Channel a week ago, and there were so many ads I had to leave. I still like most of Apple's ads, though.
Hey Ellen! Hope you don't pay too much attention to any of this! I think you're the coolest! Stay that way!
Steffen [] 08/10/02 01:26am
i dont know about anyone else, but mines a joke, so if you think i do that, well i think your the sick pervert
Zero 08/09/02 01:36am
Ellen gallery:
I really hope this poor girl doesn't read all these comments from you perverts. You guys think you're cool coming onto a website and talking about how you masturbated to a video of a girl talking about switching from a mac to a pc? That's pathetic.
David 08/08/02 10:59am
Hi Ellen. You are a really cool actor. I loved your Switch-Movie from the apple campaign. Please give us more of this beep-de-beep-bummer. Really cool. All who like Apple things and like to send eCards should also visit this nice page: it's also a bit beep-de-beep.

Kind regards to all,
yours Martin.
Martin [] 08/08/02 06:16am
I'd bone her....if she wasn't a Mac User
Frantic 08/07/02 12:18pm
i wonder if she would come live with me and just say beeep beep beep
Zero 08/07/02 12:18pm

12/31/69 07:00pm
Ellen, will you bear my children?
Tom 08/07/02 08:47am
Don't bogart that joint, my friend! Pass it over to me!!! Roooooooll another one , just like the otherone
Baschi [] 08/06/02 04:47pm
She's hot? Dunno... She looks like a slut to me!
LX [] 08/06/02 07:25am
What is all the fuss about? This girl She is not altered by drugs she is just shaken by hormones, that is what happens with everybody at a certain age, children. boring teenagers.
jimbo [] 08/06/02 03:03am
Ich find das Mädel einfach Süß !!!
very very sexy.

du luder du
danilatore [] 08/04/02 12:02pm
This girl is so hot. I am in love with her. Too bad she prolly lives in the states or some shit. Thats a.....bummer.
Mark [] 08/03/02 06:16pm
The way she speaks indicates she needs something else :) Ellen, hear me? I have what you need :)
Hein [] 08/03/02 12:47pm
just beautifull
subway 08/02/02 07:37am
Stoned? LOL! Just used Windows too long ;)

No, really, what's not ok with her? I think she's quite cool =)
Assimil8or [] 08/02/02 06:56am
Found one more ellen site,
Greg 08/01/02 11:32pm

12/31/69 07:00pm
ellen feiss rocks me. i want to smoke her down and let her use my tibook. orgy w/macfemme perhaps? :D
Bensch [] 08/01/02 03:55pm
I think she didn't go away from her new Powerbook for the last 48 h.
I start each day now by watching the ad at least once. If you watch it drunk it's even more insane.
Scotty [] 08/01/02 10:01am
OK, I watched the ad. That's it? For this she's famous? Save often, lady.
Who is Ellen Feiss?
dat's why we like her...
kitfisto 08/01/02 03:25am
She's cute enough, but she seems kinda high. Her eyes look awful red to me in some shots.
katie [] 08/01/02 01:57am
Junky crack queen? That's my dream girl you're talkin' bout, Pat.
Scotty [] 07/31/02 12:52pm
ah .. I m sorry .. I`ve forgotten something ..
um .. well .. u look like a .. hmm
u know .. like a lil junky crack queen ..
Stoned 4 Live !
Patrick 07/31/02 10:11am
Who the fuck r U ?!
Majandra Delfino Rulez ;-)

Patrick 07/31/02 10:05am
The JC is everywhere! AHBY!
Scotty [] 07/31/02 07:08am
the JC, honest
kitfisto [] 07/31/02 03:46am
kitfisto!!!! Oh my god! You're either from the JC or a pervert with a fisting fetish.
Scotty [] 07/30/02 03:11pm
kitfisto [] 07/30/02 11:10am

Slate has an article today mentioning the Switch commercials and our girl Ellen.
Scotty [] 07/30/02 08:34am
I'd do anything to get her to bear my children.
Steve McMullen 07/29/02 11:40pm
hahahahaahahah, yea shes cool
...and justice for MAUL 07/29/02 07:47pm
gotta have a T-Shirt
Scotty [] 07/29/02 10:21am
Let me just say my client has never smoked marijuana... she prefers brownies. Badabing! Seriously tho, you all need to send me a check for these products. [ G ]
Ellen Feiss's Lawyer [] 07/25/02 03:26pm
vemsom 07/25/02 03:20pm
CRM114 07/25/02 03:21am
2 gramms of dope: 20 EUR - cigaret paper 2 EUR - lighter 1 EUR - being stoned and getting famous - unpayable

there are things you can't buy - for the rest you got your mastercard

... might be an inappropriate translation ...
You guys are effing crazy, I'll tell you what.

As for Ellen - yeah, she's boss. Cute stoner Mac-using girls are so hot.

Oh, and thanks for tipping me off to the latest GloNo offshoot, DP.
Joshua 07/24/02 01:49pm
I still think Dave Haxton is sexier... :p
Dageek 07/23/02 10:00am
D00d like whatever, elen is gross and shit and i use computers and every1 things im hot and i dont have my own web site made by other people fuck!
Another wallpaper, this one by me:
Stille [] 07/22/02 08:34am
Anyone know how old she is...?
Tom [] 07/22/02 12:00am
I don't get you people. Ellen rocks! Apple rocks! And... eh... all that.
Nevyn [dev nevyn at mac dot com] 07/21/02 05:28pm
Get your Ellen Feiss wallpapaer here...

samu [] 07/21/02 03:27pm
We got an interview with Ellen over at SCA.

D3 [] 07/21/02 05:25am

D3 [] 07/21/02 05:04am
lets say it with the words of oasis: "she is love" ;)
groggy [] 07/20/02 11:04am
I think the "really good paper" she is referring to are her zig-zags. My name is Ellen Feiss and I'm a STONER.
TetterkeT 07/20/02 09:42am
such wonderful comments on a 14-yr old.
jimmyd 07/20/02 03:15am
She is so hottttttttttttttttt :P~~~ A geek's wet dream
DViant [dviant at ellens room dot ph] 07/20/02 03:06am
I wish I was as high as you are Ellen, you are my idle.
Jimmy [] 07/19/02 11:01pm
I wish I was as high as you are Ellen, you are my idle.
Jimmy [] 07/19/02 11:01pm
Now this is great...
EgEr [naa] 07/19/02 10:50pm
I think it's hilarious that Apple used a stoner as their spokesperson! Go Apple! Best. Ad Campaign. Ever.
Mally [] 07/19/02 09:10pm
Just wait 'til your dad finds out what you've been doing after school!
Ellen's Mom 07/19/02 08:05pm
She can smoke my doobie any time, any where.
Mark F. 07/19/02 07:45pm
If Ellen wants to strip down and show off her boobs and doobs, come on down.
Pot Chicks Rule! 07/19/02 07:40pm
If Ellen wants to strip down and show off her boobs and doobs, come on down.
Pot Chicks Rule! 07/19/02 07:37pm
"Now, I wonder.. Ellen, from what I've heard, you were using your computer, not for writing, but for ordering doobies!! You're gonna be doing a lot of doobie-ordering when you're living in a van down by the river!"
Matt Foley 07/19/02 07:29pm
So I'm sucking real hard on my iBong and like, puff puff puff puff puff, and I'm stoned or something. Like, half my stash was gone, and stuff. It really harshed my mellow.
420 huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhhuhuhhuh 07/19/02 07:17pm
WOw!!!111! She shur ish ot. MMmmm mm. Super fine liek all appel products. Appels are better at fotoshop you know?!?! Like 4 or 500 times fastur. Appels rool! Peecees drool! LLOl.!
Ellen Fan 07/19/02 07:14pm
I was sitting at my dad's PC, using Hotmail, when, like, it struck me, "why am I using free email services?"

So, I switched to the Mac, that way, I could spend $100 more for email, cause, you know, I was taught in school that if it costs more, it must be worth more, or something like that, you know, beep beep, blammy boof-boof, zipity-do-dah.
Baron von Stuben 07/19/02 06:55pm
Well, there goes the theory about Mac users being highly educated and such.
Steve 07/19/02 06:16pm
I wonder if it was her PC that devoured her brain cells too.
Beep beep beep 07/19/02 06:13pm
I'd compare her to Dell's Steven, but his idiocy is an act. Looks like we may have a ticket for Celebrity Boxing III, though.
Flavor Flav 07/19/02 06:11pm
"It was like bleep and boom, zippity blaw-blaw, and, like the earth moved, and, then I got pregnant or something."
Kevin 07/19/02 06:10pm
Like, wow, dude. Can I have some of the doobie she rolled before taping that ad?
Tom 07/19/02 06:08pm
I'd hit it.
07/19/02 05:25pm
she is high like a fuckin kite
Jon B 07/19/02 05:10pm
So, it seems like you guys know a lot about Ellen. Well, I've got a question. It's not for me though, it's for a umm-aahh.... friend. Yeah, that's the ticket; let's call him Scotty. Anyway, Scotty wondered if she had a boyfriend or if she was into guys with Buddy Holly glasses...
Proptronics 07/19/02 03:40pm
Yes! Ellen rocks! She should be the new Apple spokesperson and kick that idiot Dell guy's ass!
Mixmaster Shecky